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1 posts from July 2016


Summer 2016, Issue I


This newsletter is written in a welcoming mood and shall reflect on the event, which occurred during the Session I, Summer programs in Prague

CIEE Picnic

The first weekend of session I CIEE staff organized CIEE picnic + Bake sale for all students. This event had 2 main reasons. First one was to get students together and let them meet each other through different way than classes. The second was to support local charity and include our students into this activity.

The picnic was organized by Short Programs Coordinator, Tereza Vicková, and by Program Assistant, Zuzana Zatloukalová. The bake sale was prepared by flat buddies, Czech students who live with CIEE students in apartments and help them with Czech immersion. Our flat buddies prepared different kinds of snacks and cakes which they were selling during the bake sale.


The bake sale was prepared in the way to represent both American and Czech culture. Students were able to buy traditional Czech snacks like “bublanina” (cake with cherries or peaches), egg spread on a toast or “štrůdl” (Czech version of Apple pie). On the other side flat buddies were offering also typical American muffins with chocolate chips or homemade lemonade. Tereza and Zuzana than prepared also a big bowl of salad so all students, even those with special dietaries like gluten free, lactose intolerant or vegan would have a chance to taste something good and support the Bake sale.



The Picnic was located at the garden of CIEE Study center in Prague. This private space gave students a chance to have fun and freely sit anywhere on the ground. CIEE was providing free blankets, pillows and chairs so everybody was comfortable. The weather was beautiful, sunny but not too hot, just perfect weather for outside activities.



Tereza and Zuzana prepared charades tournament for students which was played during the afternoon. Students did not make teams but they were playing against each other. Some charades cards were pretty easy, but most of them were representing things typical for Czech Republic. These cards were including terms like draft beer, trdelník (famous Prague sweet), ice hockey, little Petřín tower etc. Sometimes Czech buddies were helping students, in case it was difficult for them to present the charade card by themselves.  Students had a lot of fun during this game and at the end we got 3 winners. The winner of the charades tournament was Hannah Crosby followed by Hailey Tylisz and Laura Van Schaik. Girls won some CIEE prizes like CIEE T-shirts or notepads with pictures of Prague.



At the end of picnic everybody said they had an amazing time and we hope that we will be able to do more of these events in future. It was a great way how to connect students within each other and also with Czech buddies. The great benefit of this event was that we were able to collect more than 700CZK for Czech charity, which is a great success.