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Summer 2013, Issue I

Ahoj from steamy Prague!

The first summer session is in full swing, while students run around the city with their professors on excursions and hang out with their buddies at the pool. It's a hot one and so is our first online newsletter.... 

Multi-site program

With the second summer of CIEE’s multi-site program in full swing, we decided to do a student profile on Rane Martin, one Prague-Seville multi-site student. Rane is taken part in the Communications and New Media Program, where she has started in Prague and ends her summer in Seville.

When Prague is your classroom

For each of our summer courses, there are a multitude of class excursions professors organize, taking students out of the classroom and into the city. This way they can experience what they have been learning in their courses up close and personal.

Some of the class excursion highlights from summer session I:

  • For Optional Survival Czech, students went with their Czech teacher for breakfast to the historic Cafe Louvre:  They were given instructions to the place in Czech and had to order and pay for their meals in Czech as well.
  • For Communication and Social Power of Media, students got into Radio Free Europe, a highly secure news outlet broadcasting to countries where the free press is banned:
  • For Art & Architecture, you really need a decent pair of shoes to keep up with our professor, who students call a walking encyclopedia. Practically everyday students are checking out Prague’s well-preserved architecture.


Students on a visit to Radio Free Europe

Life with the buddies

Students in the summer are housed in beautiful apartments in friendly, local neighborhoods.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better for them, you learn that their immersion into Czech culture is helped by the buddies – local students of Charles University – who live with them. And just when you say to yourself, „Really, they get to live with local students!,“ you discover that these buddies also organize for them a variety of cultural events each week.


One of the favorite events of summer session I - painting the famous John Lennon Wall